Where Can I Find My Ticket Link?

After purchasing your ticket you will receive an invoice from Better Than Live with your URL Link and Password; if it hasn’t come through to your inbox it may have been placed into your JUNK/SPAM Folder (this email will be separate to the Paypal Confirmation Email)

If you cannot find your invoice please contact info@betterthanlive.co.uk with the name and email address you used to purchase your tickets.

How Do I Watch The Show?

All our Virtual Concerts are Live-Streamed via the Better Than Live Website.

We recommend using a Laptop/PC with a HDMI cable into your TV for the best viewing experience. You may be able to cast to your TV from your smart phone or tablet as long as your devices are compatible, we recommend trialling this ahead of the event. 

How Do I Know If The Stream Is Working?

On the Event Page will be a box with a holding message. When the show starts the box will come alive with the stream (it may need a quick refresh if it doesn’t work straight away).

When our stream starts we run a few minutes of industry related trailers and upcoming events to allow for any technical difficulties that you may experience when setting up your devices.  

What Can I Do If The Stream/Video Quality Is Bad?

Try reloading your page, or accessing via another browser or device, if issues persist, check our Facebook Page for any announcements. You can check your internet speed using: www.fast.com

What If I Can't Make The Show?

All our shows will be available to re-watch for 7 days after the live-streamed event. 

What If It Says My Email Is Invalid?

The software is character sensitive and a sneaky space can cause havoc in validating your email address. If you are still having issues please email, info@betterthanlive.co.uk

Is My Payment Secure & Who Does It Go To?

We process our payments via Paypal, trading as Jon Smith Entertainment Services LTD. You will still able to pay via credit/debit card even if you do not have a Paypal account. 

Profits are split between the performing party, production team and venue. Our aim is to support all involved in the making of our events, and support an industry that has been tragically hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic.